Making tax digital

MTD for agents

The Cynare system can be used by Accounting firms as agents, or by their Clients individually

When a Client has more than a single VAT registered business, the Cynare system provides a single, simple interface for all the businesses

While the Cynare system may be used as a platform in its own right, it may also be used as a registered, branded HMRC app by accounting firm

Indeed, we already have 2 firms on the HMRC list of software for VAT available now
HMRC list of available VAT software

Having your firm’s name on the HMRC list ensures your Firm is included in general internet searches and provides a link to a dedicated page on your website

Your firm is identified as a leader, as there are so few Accounting firms on the list


The Cynare MTD system is a true cloud-based product

While it can be linked to a Firm’s practice management system, it can also be run as a stand-alone application
This allows for very rapid rollout and excellent security


We offer the following services:

          Assisting firms through the HMRC audit process and all the way to entry on the list of MTD software vendors
          Demo system

How is the Cynare bridging software different?

  • Licensing

    The software has a flexible licensing system both for agents and for individual businesses

  • Secure

    The system uses multi-factor authentication in the same way as HMRC and the UK banks, so your data is always secure

  • Agent branding

    When the Cynare system is installed for agents, the agent is able to add its own branding and narrative to the screens

  • Testing

    The system includes a TEST button, allowing the person submitting the return to perform tests on the output before it’s submitted to HMRC

    Where the agent version of the software is installed, the agent is able to define different tests for different types of business

  • Audit trail

    The system maintains a full audit trail
    The user is able to review the previous 5 returns submitted in the MTD system

    The tests (see Testing) can include variance analysis between, say “last period” or “same period last year”

  • Flexible

    While the software can cope with the current submission system, it can also deal with the full submissions which are being introduced next year

    We can file EC sales lists and indeed we are already filing returns in 3 European countries in addition to the UK