Our Products

Cynare Intranet

Our intranet provides all the features a professional services firm would expect, including news, internal documents, interactive forms, collaboration tools and knowledge management

The intranet includes an extremely powerful and easy-to-use search tool

It also provides the facility for individual Users and team leaders to tag favourite and key documents for single-click access from their home pages

Uniquely, the Cynare intranet provides links to the mainstream applications which professional services firms are using

While we are able to run our intranet from the cloud or on-premises servers, we are also able to link cloud to on-premises systems for a hybrid solution

Cynare Extranet

We provide secure portals, which are created for each Client of a professional services firm

While each Client of a firm has their own, separate workspace, all portals are managed centrally, using the intranet

Not only are we able to provide secure access to documents, we provide collaborative tools, such as simple document update and approvals as well as more complex workflows where required

Uniquely, we are also able to include client sector-specific news feeds to our Secure Client portals

Document Management

We provide a complete document management system (DMS) which can be accessed from practically every device currently available

We provide links to the DMS from Microsoft Office including Office 365

The DMS may be run from the cloud or on-premises servers in common with other systems, we use standing data in Practice Management systems to automate document production and management

We are able to provide a far more automated experience than other document management systems by identifying the Clients of the currently logged-in person. We are even able to identify the current Clients or matters in progress by querying production, timesheet and billing systems

The DMS may be configured to operate at the job (or matter) level, as well as the Client or group level

Uniquely, we are able to provide a data warehouse in order to improve performance where a firm experiences networking challenges


We are the leaders in integrating systems from best-of-breed vendors

We call it "glue" but it's so much more...

We are able to advise on which systems can be integrated, as well as which systems should be integrated

With the mix of our team members from both professional services and technology backgrounds, we are uniquely able to not only integrate systems, but also understand what we are integrating

Our years of experience enable us to understand and manage the business risks inherent with integrated systems

We just make things work


We have a wide range of business automation solutions, for optimising your firm's operational processes

These are managed collectively to improve your overall workflow in terms of achieving greater efficiency

We are able to advise and replace manual triggers with software that can integrate with the systems you already use


We fill the gaps in mainstream best of breed products, safeguarding your investment in them

We are able to advise on what is missing from your current products and provide solutions for these missing areas

Our team members come from varying backgrounds inclduing both technology and professional services. Our skills and knowledge combined can help you see how to improve your current products and how to overcome these gaps.