The CynareLink system supports the transfer of appropriate information between either on-premises or cloud-based internal systems and a cloud-based, branded Client Portal

The high level of automation and alerting provided reduces costs and manages risk

The rich, easy-to-use and secure system can help with Client retention in this age of disruption in the Professional Services market

What does it do?


CynareLink is a vendor-independent integration system, which can work with any “open” data source

It provides a single warehouse of data from a variety of disparate systems, both on-premises and cloud-based


It supports all our automation products; from a rich Client portal through to CynareFlow, our automated workflow management system 

How is it different?

CynareLink is unique in its approach to data warehousing

It is the only system available in the UK which aggregates information from the specialist software products from the main competing vendors to professional services organisations

Most specialist products are still stuck with very old-fashioned technology

While we prefer to work with cloud systems, we are also able to work with the majority of the older-on-premises systems

How much does it cost?

CynareLink is priced as an annual license on a site-basis

The starting price of £3,750 will support very basic integration

The price increases to £7,500, depending on the number of integrations and automations being supported

The integrations and automations are priced separately

How is it used?

CynareLink sits on your infrastructure, as part of your system

It simply gets on with its integration and automation in the background

It is designed to alert when something goes wrong

It logs all processes, ensuring an organisation’s IT and management teams are always in control

We already link to a number of products and you can either purchase our product-specific links, or you can write your own

What is the technology?

The CynareLink database uses Microsoft SQL Server

CynareLink typically sits on the same infrastructure as the Client’s main management and production systems

The information is delivered using the Cynare web app

What are the benefits?

“Single source of truth”

CynareLink provides a “single source of truth” aggregation of all an organisation’s data

Microsoft 365

It allows us to use information from specialist systems to highly automate processes in cloud systems, such as Microsoft 365

Reduced risk

It reduces the risk associated with holding different versions of the same information in different systems

Reduced complexity

It reduces complexity, as a single system provides all the information required to control a professional services organisation

How does it work?

CynareLink contains all the code required to “glue” data from different applications

It is able to broker the supply of appropriate information when disparate systems contain different versions of the same information

The data collection is controlled, with a full audit trail of each process

If a link between systems is temporarily broken due to networking issues, the system is able to catch up with missed transactions and information