What does it do?

The system sends automatic emails based on a set of rules

It sends emails

  • When something happens
  • When something doesn’t happen
  • On a timer

It sends emails

  • Internally
  • Externally to Clients or suppliers

How is it different?

Other vendors are only able to alert against their own products

We are able to alert against a wide variety

Our system uses information from the CynareLink data aggregator and warehouse

As CynareLink is already connected to a firm’s underlying production and control systems, we are able to use this information to generate the alerts

Unlike other systems, we are able to alert different people about the same issue, dependent on its importance or urgency

We are able to alert internal firm members and their clients, suppliers and other contacts

How is it used?

If the person responsible for responding to the automated email does not respond within a pre-set time, the system can remind them

If they still fail to respond, their line manager can be alerted

This process can continue all the way up to the leader of the firm

What are the benefits?


Most work across the firm progresses from start to finish with no intervention from senior people required

Those jobs causing concern with budgets, timescales or Client issues need tighter control

Senior people are able to manage by exception

This means they can manage the people doing the work rather than having to wade through all the jobs in progress trying to spot issues

Applications include

  • Jobs over budget
  • Stuck jobs
  • Client debt has become too old
  • AML (anti-money laundering) compliance out-of-date
  • Team training not completed

Regular emails

The system is able to automate regular emails

Applications include

  • Informing portfolio holders of cash receipts each day
  • Deadlines this and next month
  • Telling Clients about new services

Client emails

The system is able to automate emails to Clients

Applications include

  • Informing Clients about new documents uploaded to their Client portals
  • Reminding them to complete forms
  • Notifying them of upcoming deadlines

How does it work?

A set of rules is agreed

The CynareLink database constantly monitors for exceptions to the rules and upcoming reporting schedules

The emails are sent out

If required, an audit trail of all alerts can be maintained, so underlying issues may be identified

How much does it cost?

The basic product costs from £2,500 plus installation

The price of each automated email depends upon its complexity

The simplest alerts cost from £100

What is the technology?

We use the CynareLink system to store all the information required for the delivery of the emails

The information is taken from the underlying production and practice management systems

We tend to use your existing mail server
If the speed of the existing server (or the speed of connection to it) is insufficient to cope with the level of automated emails, we are able to use cloud-based bulk email systems, such as SendGrid

We call this the "Pyramid of responsibility"

We call this the "Pyramid of responsibility"