Business management

Consulting with firms

Through our 20 years of uninterrupted work with the best Clients, we have learned what works and what doesn’t

This applies as much to business strategy as IT strategy and we feel neither can exist without the other

Uniquely, we work with firms to develop their business strategy, then see it through to actual delivery of the IT to support it

Working with other vendors

In our 20 years, we have also had the privilege to work with the best and worst vendors to our profession

This means we know where each one is headed; which ones are on their way up and which ones are moribund

We are very happy to share this with our Clients when they’re ready, saving them long, expensive reviews of the market

Unfortunately, many of the other vendors are sales led, as they have to satisfy their investors at the end of every month

This means they will push solutions; regardless of whether they are doing so at the right time for firms, or even whether they are right for the firm at all!

We always recommend firms don’t just buy the best products or services from the best salespeople!

Software products

It could be said our entire product and service range supports business management

We are huge fans of business automation

In addition to reducing costs, we help reduce risk and allow a firm’s team to get on with the more interesting stuff

However, we don’t want to simply automate existing processes, as we feel this holds a firm back; and cements the processes and controls of yesteryear

Using our vast experience, the consulting Team can work on new approaches to the old issues