Xero integration

What does it do?

As firms move to more modern, cloud-based software such as Xero, they find their old time and billing stuck in their old-fashioned, on-premises practice management systems (PMS)

We simply integrate the systems, ensuring the traditional billing methods can be retained, while firms are able to take advantage of the automation and availability of the newer products

How is it different?

Many firms operate out of more than a single legal entity, with more than a single instance of Xero

Using our CynareLink integration and aggregation database, we can integrate multiple systems at the same time

As the Cynare system is agnostic regarding time and billing systems, firms are able to change their underlying systems while maintaining the integration to the more modern systems

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on the particular PMS in use and the number of companies and currencies involved

As this is a cloud system, we need to carry out a site survey before suggesting any costs for the infrastructure

What is the technology?

The Client details, any mapping tables and the transactions are warehoused in CynareLink

The Cynare app runs as a web service; connecting the on-premises and cloud components

How is it used?

It simply sits in the background, processing transactions and reporting on any ledger imbalances

What are the benefits?

Firms can retain their existing time and billing at the same time as moving their accounting, reporting, cash and debtors management to more modern systems

Integrating the new with the old provides a significant advantage, automating transaction processing

Automation of processing speeds the process; reduces risk and reduces cost

How does it work?

We provide daily updates in the CynareLink data aggregator and warehouse of the following



Credit notes

Bad debt write-offs


Client details

Financial details, such as VAT details



Returned receipts (“bounced cheques”)



Unallocated cash receipts (“Overpayments”)


We then update Xero and the PMS, before providing an automated reconciliation report between the two ledgers

Acknowledgements and links

We make extensive use of the Microsoft technology stack and their latest Graph API

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