Timesheet monitor

What does it do?

It applies the rules, such as

“Complete your timesheet before 1000 – If you don’t, you’ll be locked out”

How is it different?

It provides a simple, unobtrusive tool to ensure compliance with firm policies 

It fills a gap in the mainstream practice management systems for professional services firms 

How much does it cost?

The system requires a CynareLink database (priced separately)


Base price £2,000pa

User price £12pa

Installation subject to survey

Testing and documentation £1,000

Support 25%


Internal IT Team – 1 day

What is the technology?

This system is controlled through the CynareLink SQL database pulling the incomplete timesheets into an audit table

The audit table is then updated when the timesheet is marked as complete

All the messaging and lockout features are provided from Microsoft’s Active Directory

What are the benefits?

Timesheets are completed on time, maximising the firm’s recovery rates

Provided the rules aren’t too complicated, we can cope with UK bank holidays and weekends

All time time-periods, grace periods, messages, etc. are configurable by site

How does it work?

All team members who complete timesheets are logged off the system after a period of inactivity at night

Those who haven’t completed yesterday’s timesheets receive a warning when they log in, telling them to complete and submit it by 1000

They are given, say, 2 hours grace from the time they logged-in


  • If they logged in at 0900, they will receive a warning and are logged off at 1100 if the timesheet remains outstanding
  • If they log in at 0959, they receive the warning and are given until 1159 to deal with their responsibilities before they’re logged out

Locked-out people are required to request access from a senior colleague, such as line manager or member of the HR team

The clock keeps running

If the tardy person has their access re-enabled at, say 1115, they are given 2 hours to complete their timesheet before being locked out again

…and again

…and again

How is it used?

Timesheet monitor runs in the background

Team members who comply with the firm’s timesheet completion rules will never see it

Team members who perennially fail to comply will be perennially inconvenienced